Single-Use Tourniquets

tournistrip looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet. Its unique  design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single-use and it cannot be re-used. It is easy to tension and adjust and can be repositioned on the same patient up to 5 times, release and removal is single-handed. tournistrip will not pinch the skin like some ‘rubber band’ designs, thus improving patient comfort.


Single Handed Release

Easy To Use


Unique design and construction to aid infection 
prevention and prevent cross infection.

Easy to tension and adjust. Can be repositioned 
on the same patient up to 5 times.

Can be released with a single hand, minimising contact.

Two tournistrips can be joined

together for larger arms/

bariatric patients.


Latex Free

Clinically Proven

tournistrip Doesn’t pinch the skin
like “rubber band” designs.

tournistrip™ has been officially certified in
safety and meets European health and environmental requirements.

tournistrip is 100% Latex free.

tournistrip is the only medical tourniquet to have been clinically trialed, involving two London Teaching Hospitals with 226 patients and 20 phlebotomists.

tournistrip can be designed and branded with hospital logos and/or communicate custom messaging.

Custom Branded tournistrips

More information

The tournistrip dispenser is a cleanable dispenser that can be placed on a desk, secured to a wall, or tied to a clinical trolley. The dispensing method allows the maintenance of aseptic technique. The dispenser takes the new 100 tournistrip refill pack, maintaining economy while minimising waste and environmental impact.




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Single-Use Tourniquets