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Single-Use and Single Patient Use Tourniquets

For Adult & Paediatric Use

The Tournistretch® from ASepHealthcare was developed by Healthcare Professionals to provide users with a premium Single-Patient Use tourniquet for routine, challenging blood sampling and venepuncture. It’s intuitive pull through system, easy re-adjustment and quick release provides professionals with easy application and assists in single handed operation.

Single Patient Use

Designed for effective

infection prevention

Integral dispenser pack

Re-sealable packaging for

increased hygiene

Single handed

engagement and release

Intuitive, safe and effective in management of blood sampling
and IV cannulation

Super soft material
for increased patient comfort

Unique formulated material
designed to be strong yet soft next to the skin

Quick release and pull through fastening

Remains secure and in position during blood drawing and IV cannulation

For Paediatric & Adult Use

One size fits patients from ages 2 months to adult

The Tournistretch® is made from a super soft polymer providing users with a strong secure STRETCH for optimal tensioning, whilst maintaining a soft flexible feel. This customised material assists in improving patient experience, especially patients with delicate skin, with no additional pinching or underlying damage caused to skin.

The Tournistretch® dispenser pack is re-sealable and promotes hygiene and infection prevention. The stand-alone  pack contains 25 Tournistretch, maintaining economy while minimising waste and environmental impact. It can be placed on a desk or in a portable blood collection trolley

Tournistretch® is supplied with its own individual bag, which can be written on or labelled with the patients Name, Hospital Number and has a section with tick boxes to record each time the tourniquet is used. The Tournistretch is wiped clean after use and placed in the individual patients re-sealable bag. In addition to meeting and exceeding the most rigorous infection control protocols, they are easy for medical staff to use and economical to Healthcare providers.

Single-Use Bags


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Single-Patient Use Tourniquet

For Adult & Paediatric Use

Single-Patient Use Tourniquet

For Adult & Paediatric Use

Single-Patient Use Tourniquet

For Adult & Paediatric Use