tournistrip is the only medical tourniquet to have been clinically trialed, involving two London Teaching Hospitals with 226 patients and 20 phlebotomists.

The tournistrip award winning Single-Use and Single Patient Use disposable tourniquets represents innovation for medical tourniquets, providing usability, patient comfort and adopting single use policy.


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To assist with training, ASep Healthcare have produced a poster that can be printed and placed on the wall in clinical areas where tournistrip is used.


Click on the download link to access and download the training poster.

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Clinical publications, abstracts and related articles

Novel fit for purpose single use tourniquet:

best of both worlds

R. L. Kerstein, C. Fellowes Chelsea Westminster Hospital,
Department of Microbiology, London, UK


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Improving care and saving money with disposable tourniquets

Dr. Rodric Vian Francis, Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust


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From idea to reality tournistrip

R. L. Kerstein, C. Fellowes MEDREPRENEURS Jornal


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