Disposable Tourniquet

ASep Healthcare’s award winning innovative single-use disposable tourniquet provides usability, patient comfort and affordability.

Designed by medics for ease of use and a better experience for patients, it allows smooth conversion from reusable devices to single-use, avoiding potential reservoir and vehicle for the spread of nosocomial infections, including MRSA.

tournistrip is the only single use tourniquet, which has been clinically proven. It has been evaluated by ANTT® as a product that helps promote safe aseptic technique and reduce the risk of cross infection very effectively.


tournistrip looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet. Its unique design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single use, and it cannot be re-used.

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tournikidz is a tourniquet that is optimised for use with children. Smaller, more comfortable, and employing imagery to give a friendlier, less ‘medical’ appearance.

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Disposable Tourniquet